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The Team

Tim Connors 
Hi everyone! I'm Tim, a student, entrepreneur, and avid-concert goer! As a graduating student myself, I’m focused on smoothing out the transition from the college life to the ‘real world’. As we approach a new chapter of our lives, life can get expensive, inconvenient, and plain scary. Grad Street should help with that. When I’m not working on Grad Street you can find me at a concert at the Shrine, or on the dance floor of Rocco’s in Westwood.
Adam Curry  
I was born and raised in small town wine country, now hubbed in beautiful (almost too sunny) Los Angeles. Studying in such a busy and vibrant city has reminded me that there is opportunity everywhere in the world. And most importantly, opportunity that can improve the lives of others! Grad Street might not be an end-all- be-all to the world’s toughest challenges, but it’s a great project that has helped thousands of students hit the grad stage with a few more bucks in their pocket.