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October 02, 2019 2 Comments

Plant Your Passive Income Seed and Grow 

James Barton

UCLA senior with a passion for creativity, financial independence, and boxing.

As a student, I know it can be hard to start the journey of financial independence. Believe me, I'm just beginning and have so much further to go. With so many tools on the market for money-saving and investing I found it daunting to figure out what would help me grow my income without ever picking up a shift at the restaurant I work at or selling lemonade on the street corners. Thankfully GradStreet has been investigating how to increase the wealth of students by using apps like Acorns  in order to grow and save! 


Acornsinvesting has never been easier. If you are eager to jump into the world of personal investment without ever having to worry about buying and selling specific shares this is your passive income generating applicationBy utilizing your spare change,Acorns micro-invests in order to grow your principle and in turn provide you with great returns! You can start by investing as much money as you'd like. 

My personal Experience

I began with an initial investment of $20. Acorns works by communicating with you bank to round-up the spare change from your purchases and micro-invest them into your Acorns account. After the round-ups accumulate to $5 it is automatically invested, growing your profile and allowing you to gain larger and larger returns. They're dedicated team diversifies your profile across large and small company stocks, real estate, and a variety of other mediums to minimize your risk - the details of which can be found here. Most of these even pay dividends (a percentage of the profit accumulated by using your investment) a couple times a year. The more you invest, the higher your dividends can be! 

I've used the service for 3 years and have had the opportunity to explore the app and all of its features. In that time I've been able to grow my principle by over $750. Now this may not seem like a lot of money, but it's only because I chose to minimally invest. As a 'broke' college student I have rent, utilities bills, grocery bills, gas costs, and gym memberships to pay. Investing larger amounts wasn't an option for me - 5$ increments was perfect. 

I saw growth in real time with their helpful graphs that show your profit/loss by day, week, month, or year. It wasn't always an uphill climb, however when I did see losses, they bounced back within a couple weeks or months and may accumulated wealth continued to grow. The 

To make things even more interesting, when using your Acorns-linked card you can earn something called 'Found Money' when purchasing through Acorns' partners. Partnering companies with Acorns offer deals in the form of cash-back that automatically 'finds' itself into your Acorns investment account after a purchase. With partners like Blue Apron, PostMates, Levi's and so many others I've been able to make cash-back on things I already purchase! 

The Down-Low 

Acorns works by incrementally investing your spare change. The service is quick easy and can take less than 5 minutes to set-up. You could be on your way to growing your net-wealth in the time it would take you to fill up a tank of gas, change a light bulb, or scroll aimlessly on facebook. I'm a huge supporter of this app and have seen so much positive growth that I can't recommend it enough. 

Free Money??

To help you get started, use this link and you'll earn a free $5 when you set-up your account (GradStreet will also get $5 for helping you start your journey)!

*GradStreet is not formally associated with Acorns. This article is based off of the experience of the writer and opinions do not reflect the views of the applications reviewed*

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